Town of Milan Monthly Meeting Minutes, December 12, 2022

Meeting called to order by Deborah Shumate, Council President, on Monday Dec. 12, 2022 at 6:30pm. All Present joined in giving the pledge of Allegiance. All Council members present.

Council presented outgoing Clerk/Treasurer, Debra Fugate Hackman, with thanks and gifts from Town employees for her years of service. Melissa Teer was introduced as the incoming Clerk/Treasurer.

Minutes of November 2022 were presented. Minutes were approved as written. Drew Olman making the motion with Mark Marsee seconding. All ayes.

Claims/Financials: After review of the claims presented, motion to accept and pay claims made by Mark Marsee, seconded by Drew Olman. All Ayes. Motion carried.

Town Manager's Report: Same presented by Doug Price.

Town Marshall's Report: Same presented by Phillip Wilson.

Milan Park Board Report: Same presented by Derek Helton. Debbie Shumate thanked the Park Board and the Town employees for their help with the success of the Christmas Walk.

Old/Continuing Business: Second reading of Ordinance 4-11-2022 (Refuse Collection Rate) was approved by a motion from Mark and a second from Drew. All ayes, motion passed.

New Business: Resolution 12-12-2022 (Public Participation in Public Counsel Meeting) was passed by a motion from Mark and a second from Drew. All ayes. Motion passed.

Misc./Comments/Concerns from the Public: Sally Gosmeyer asked if Ordinance will be advertised in the paper? She thanked the Police Dept. for their help during the Christmas Walk. She asked if the Town has ever applied for a Community Crossing Grant. She asked if the Town has ever looked into a grant to tear down old buildings. She asked who was responsible for upkeep on the road beside the post office.

Motion to adjourn made by Drew, seconded by Mark. All ayes. Meeting adjourned

Town of Milan Special Meeting Minutes, December 12, 2022

Special Meeting was held on 12/20/22 immediately following Executive Session to vote on raising rate of Christmas light hanging to $1500.00 and employee raises (Resolution 20-12-2022-IR). Both subjects were approved by a motion from Drew Olman and a second from Mark Marsee. All ayes.

All Council members present.