Town of Milan Monthly Meeting Minutes, August 15, 2016

Meeting called to order by Noel Houze, council President, on Monday August 15, 2016 at 6:30 pm. All Present joined in giving the Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes of July Il, 2016 were presented. There being no addition to said minutes, Don Call made a motion to approved as written, with Melissa Baker seconding. All ayes.

Claims/Financials: After review, motion to accept and pay claims was made by Melissa Baker, seconded by Don Call. All ayes. Motion carried.

Town Manager's Report: Same presented by John Ingram, Town Manager.

Town Marshall's Report: Same presented by Phillip Wilson, Town Officer.

Milan Park Board Report: Same presented by Cis Call and Debby Schumate. Park Board gave insight on upcoming plans proposed for Park. These include a proposed Dog Park and a fire ring/pit. They gave an update on the various teams and their payment of rent/lease for the fields.

They also, gave an update on the repairs to the bathrooms at the Park. They have begun getting estimates for the required work.

Concerns/Comments from the public:

No concerns were brought before board.

Old Business:

Inter-Local Agreements were signed: 2017 Ripley County Economic Development 2017 InterLocal Agreement and the Milan/Ripley County Economic Development Inter-local Agreement.

Expenditure to BerrVs Body Shop for work done on the 2015 Dodge Durango was approved. Melissa Baker made a motion to approve, with Don Call seconding. All ayes.

Motion was made to approve the estimate on the 3 needed laptop computers for the Police Dept. by Don Call, with a second by Melissa Baker. All ayes.

Bicentennial Committee: Shirley Bocock spoke on behalf of the committee about the upcoming plans and request for the Torch Parade. She asked for various closures for roads to be used during the parade and also a request for a temporary removal of a street sign. The street sign is in the area where a photograph is to be taken. This photograph will include anyone from the Town and the Torch bearers. Motion to approve was submitted by Melissa Baker, with a second by Don Call. All ayes.

Beautification Committee: Representative was unable to attend meeting, but, Noel Houze read a letter submitted requesting that the Committee again be considered for funding for next year. This will offset the cost involved for the various projects they do around town. Noel suggest that the Park Board work with the Committee in helping to fund these projects. Debby Schumate wondered if the Beautification Committee is no longer going to do their fund-raising event. The Council assured that they will continue to help the Beautification Committee.

VFW Recycling: Melissa Baker discussed the removal of the bins located at the Milan VFW.

New Business:

Ordinance #06-13-16-02 (establishing a capital asset policy) was presented for approval. Motion to approve by Don Call, with Melissa Baker seconding. All ayes.

Ordinance #06-13-16-03 (Ordinance amending traffic on Carr St) was presented for approval. Motion to approve by Melissa Baker, with Don Call seconding. All ayes.

Use of the back Shelter by the Girl Scouts was approved with fee waived for September 17, 2016. Don Call made motion, with Melissa Baker seconding. All ayes.

Milan Summer Baseball representative presented payment for the lease term from the years 2014, 2015 and 2016. He addressed the Council with concerns on various lease terms, conditions, storage, tournaments and field availability. Attorney Lynn Fledderman informed him that his concerns will have to be brought before the Park Board as they are in charge of the Park. He offered many changes that the Baseball Program would like to do to the Park that would be considered improvements and was concerned about the delay in presenting to two different Boards. Council assured him that they are willing to call a special meeting at any time to move any decision forward. He also wanted to know who writes the grants for projects. He was told to find someone who would be good at something like that and that the Council would offer support.

Dustin Baylor wanted to know what they get in return for their lease payment. John Ingram offered some suggestions such as a field use, concession stand, electric, restrooms and mowing.

Fire Dept. pumper truck: Don Call informed the Council that he had talked to Mike Alloway earlier and that the sale is still being discussed.

Fire Pit: Presentation given by Jacob Rohrig about his proposed plan to build a fire ring/pit in the park for his Eagle Scout project. He will work with the Park Board on this project. Cis Call informed the Council that she had discussed the liability insurance with both Lynn Fledderman and Randy Roberts. Subject to Fire Marshalls approval, they see no issue. Don Call makes a motion to approve fire pit, subject to Park Board's approval, with Melissa Baker seconding. All ayes.

Miscellaneous Business:

Washington Street Project. Council is informed by John Ingram that there are two bids submitted to complete the project. First one is by Holman Excavating for $2860.00. Second is from C/HM Construction for 5400.00. Melissa Baker makes motion to accept bid from Holman's, with Don Call seconding. All ayes.

2017 Budget: Melissa Baker makes a motion to submit Budget, with Don Call seconding. All ayes.

Don Call makes a motion to adjourn with Melissa Baker Seconding.

Meeting Adjourned.